Textbook of Space Tourism

Goehlich, R. A. (2015). Textbook of space tourism (2nd ed.). Berlin, Germany: epubli. ISBN 978-3-7375-5754-2

This 300-page textbook covering introductory and advanced topics on space tourism includes over 100 figures and is geared toward students, educators, and all who are interested in space tourism.

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Make-or-Buy Decisions in Aerospace Organizations

Essays on Strategic Efficiency Improvements

Goehlich, R. A. (2009). Make-or-buy decisions in aerospace organizations: Essays on strategic efficiency improvements. Wiesbaden, Germany: Gabler Verlag. ISBN 978-3-8349-1530-6

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A Reference Guide to International Reusable Launch Vehicle Concepts from 1944 to the Present

Goehlich, R. A. (2006). Spaceships — A reference guide to international reusable launch vehicle concepts from 1944 to the present. Burlington, Canada: Apogee Books, CG Publishing. ISBN 978-1-8949-5950-6

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This book contains a databank of 300 worldwide suborbital and orbital Reusable Launch Vehicle concepts. It covers the first concepts such as the Silver Bird proposed by Eugen Saenger in 1944 to realized ones such as the SpaceShipOne concept proposed by Burt Rutan. If you like that your reusable launch vehicle concept is also listed in the next edition of this book or if you find a mistake, please submit the “Spaceships Template” by email to me. "Save target as..." by a right click on the link below. Download Spaceships Template (word-file)

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A Representative Program Model for
Developing Space Tourism

Goehlich, R. A. (2003). A representative program model for developing space tourism. Berlin, Germany: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Berlin. ISBN 978-3-936846-29-4

(no longer available)

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Space Tourism

Economic and Technical Evaluation of Suborbital Space Flight for Tourism

Goehlich, R. A. (2002). Space tourism: Economic and technical evaluation of suborbital space flight for tourism. Osnabrueck, Germany: Der Andere Verlag. ISBN 978-3-936231-36-6


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